Thursday, March 1, 2012

Just When You Let Your Guard Down...Part Deux

Apparently I left a lot of unanswered questions...a lot of things left unsaid.  When I almost had a coronary swinging around the corner to see my little green kermity frog, I took a few pictures, switched the light off and shut the door.  I pulled the ol avoidant tactic of, close the door and hope it goes away (in my defense last time it was in the toilet I just closed the lid, and I came back and he was gone!).  Here is the progression of what happened:

Came back a little later to get my toothbrush before bed (thank goodness we have a downstairs bathroom!)

 Then every time I'd poke my head in, he was in a different spot!  Reminded me of this video:

I came back in the morning and he was having a swim in the toilet again, so I just shut the lid.  Left him for Chris to deal with.

 But don't worry everyone, he assured me he safely released him back into the wild...that is our yard.

I didn't think that I was THAT much of a baby about touching bugs/critters but living her has made me realise how skiddish I have been come.  A little hair grazes my face and I'm like "haaaa, that was a spider's web!", and I absolutely hate gardening/weeding here...too big of a chance that something could crawl out of it's hole and kill you.


  1. flattered by the comments on my clean is a trick camera-definitely hiding things!hahah

  2. (cringe and shutter) I think I would stay inside too. :)