Sunday, August 29, 2010

"What do you like better, Christmas or WEDDING SEASON?"

Every time I am getting ready to write a new post, I have banked together a bunch of material that I swear I'll remember...and then I get in here and loaded up, and my mind goes blank.  I'm gonna have to get used to this blogging, I think it just takes more practice...I hope?

It's been an exciting few weeks as my baby sister has recently got engaged, and is getting married on September 18th!!  Let the ticket booking mayhem begin!  It has been almost a year since I have seen my family/friends, so it is the perfect time for a celebration!

My sister is engaged to a fella named Ian Johnson, and the wedding is just outside Charlottesville, Virginia.  Chris and I are both blessed and able to go, so we are hopping the quick flight on over to the "Old Dominion State".  I hear it's beautiful this time of year.  On a serious note, hopefully Chris will be lucky enough to see the leaves changing colors.  You see, in Australia the weather is just TOO nice for the leaves to die off.  That does not take much getting used to for me! 

I am really happy for Colette, as I have never seen the logical and emotionally calculated sister be so sappy.  I love it.  When I mentioned this to her, her response was "I know, I am turning into YOU!" hahah.  I am a sucker for that romantic ridiculousness.  For more info on the love doves, here is their website:   

I will keep wedding details comin but as for now-tickets are booked, and I am jumpin out of my skin for a holiday with the people I LOVE!

Well, I'm finding this post a little unfulfilling...but I guess magical writing doesn't come every time you unleash your fingers on the keyboard.  I am realizing even more, how much I admire those writers that I each time I tuck into their work, I always seem to be enlightened or entertained.

At the end of each post I have decided to add a small section where I can write "n'importe quoi", which is french for "nonsense".  It is a section where you can find my random thoughts, annoyances, general comments, unusual or potentially interesting/nerdy facts, pet peeves, things I've learned or just plain something I feel like typing about.

N'Importe Quoi: 

  • it annoys me when people keep bibs on their babies when it's not eatin time
  • a bigger handbag does not mean more space, it just means more junk. Along with that one, my husband often uses that to his advantage and I become a packhorse for whatever items he buys or wants to bring along when we are out.  Maybe I should make him start wearing a fanny pack or a man purse.
  • it's funny to watch a stray dog, because they always seem to be running somewhere.  
  • I always want to be the woman who's house radiates with the scent of her cooking.  I remember in my newspaper delivery days when I could smell meatballs or curries from outside the house!! That's some talent!  Mmmmmmmm

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The "S" in Savage Street

So I am not sure if I'll actually succeed to write and post pictures as I go...but I refuse to let this blogger technology get the best of me so here goes.  I thought I would write/post some pictures of our house and fill you in a little bit on where we live.

True to form, we have been in Australia for 7 months, and have already moved twice.  Our first house, on Princess Street was hardly the location for royal dwelling.  Maybe it was the city's idea to use such elegant names so you don't realize that you actually live in the hood.  It may look tidy, but was in a bit of a rough area.

They call this style of house a "Queenslander", and they are common in tropical northern Qld.  The houses are raised up on wooden stumps for ventilation (as well as under the house could be used for cooler storage), and to protect the house from flood waters, or termites/pests.  I found this a bit ironic when I was reading up on them...I think if you've got a termite problem, you're house being on wooden stilts miiiiight not save you.  Just a thought.

Living here was just a temporary "holding pen"until we could get to know the town and find something a little more suitable.  I use the term holding pen, as the street was randomly scattered with horse stalls-right in the middle of town.  Among other bizarre things going on, was our next door neighbors.  There was some weird crap going on over there.  By day, or by night, the serenity of Princess Street was disturbed with loud obscenities, tears, slamming doors, throwing garbage bins at the house etc.  It was pretty much like watching our very own Australian Jerry Springer Show.  After 3 months we were quite happy to move on to "greener pastures" (pardon the pun).

We decided to try our luck with a not so sweet street name, and moved on over to Savage Street.  The theory must be correct because other than the yelling Indian lady next door, it's a beautiful and quiet area.  Here are a few shots of our apartment.  Disclaimer: these were taken in early days of the move and I could NOT get every room pristine before the picture so take them as you seem them.  Plus, I suck at being a housekeeper.

Front Door

Living room-plenty of natural light :)

Spare Room, aka...the junk room.

I would love to be able to do something exciting with our bedroom, but we move too much...and are still renting so it will have to wait.

And last but not least, the newest addition to the Beasley family:

Laaaaaaaady in Red!

Alright, so there you have it.  We are hoping to find out soon if Chris will get into the firefighters over here, and then we will look at becoming homeowners-but for now we are happy where we're at.  
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