Sunday, September 5, 2010

I came to get my teeth checked-not my bowels!

Since I am finally living in a country that: 

a) speaks English and 
2) doesn't have Austin Powers as their snaggletoothed dental icon (sorry Brits, but have a little look around...)
I decided it was high time I get my chompers looked at, plus working for a medical benefits company would help to soften the blow IF there was anything that needed attention.  I was about to disclose that I have only ever have 2 cavities in my life, but when you haven't been to the dentist in 7 years I guess that sort of snuffs out my credibility.  Sort of like a nicely baked cake...from a mix, getting 2nd in a race...out of 2.  You get the point.

I was pretty nervous.  The last memories I have of the dentist was when I was pretty young, and the family dentist would rest his hands my face, and stretch my lips out so I'd look like Steven Tyler by the end of it.  We called him Dr. Pain.  Then there was my young adult visit when I had my wisdom teeth ganked out (I used to tell that story a lot an university, "we didn't have anaesthetic in Canada").  No anaesthetic was used, just a looooot of needles.

Alright, so back to the appointment.  It's no secret, I like my sweets so needless to say, I had a few tiiiiny little "caries" that needed some attention.  I went back for one appointment and was a little nervous for the needle, so it was very reassuring when the hygienist rubbed my arm when I was getting pricked.  That appointment went off without a hitch and I had one other appointment to fix these pearly whites to ensure that I wouldn't look like a jack-o-lantern by next Halloween.

The second appointment was this week, but it wasn't with my usual dentist as he was out of town.  I cruise into his office and he asks me a few questions including what medication I was on.  I have been getting chronic migraines so I am taking medication for them, that apparently is weakening my teeth.  That, along with the fact that he things my body is acidic.  "Judging from your headaches, and the few "eruptions" you have on your forehead...I think your body is not running optimally".  Talk about a double threat guy-a dentist and a naturopath all rolled into one.  But a simple "blemish" or "spot" would have done JUST fine thank you.  He asks me if he can tell me about his personal experience and I inquisitively tell him to go on.

He tells me that he had a colonic after he moved over from India, and that he is a changed man.  I was trying to keep a straight face, not even a smirk-but inside I wad DYING!!!  The plot thickens as he tells me more.  He says he was flabbergasted to see what came out of him because out comes a 150cm TAPE WORM!!!  I could NOT let that go without mentioning that I do NOT have a tape worm, and in this country it's not normal to have a live critter pulled out of your insides!!

Never underestimate what you consider to be a mundane or boring appointment!

N'Importe Quoi:

  • listening to crickets is like slow torture!
  • the wildest words come up in predictive text (T9) sometimes, it's like an adult version of mad libs
  • if we all started our day with a giant belly laugh-what a better place the world would be!!  (I love watching babies laugh on youtube, makes me crack up every time) <- don't start your pregnancy comments I'm just sayin. :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

37 259.96 kilometers in 22 days...

Things in my life are a liiiiittle nuts right now as we have about 15 things going on as we have to MOVE before we go on our big trip! :(  We have been notified by our landlord that she wants to move into this place so we are getting the boot.  To be fair, our real estate agents have been really nice to us and are letting us vacate BEFORE our trip, instead of 3 days after we get back!  

So.....the job of packing begins.  Luckily we haven't accumulated too much as we are pretty much gypsies, but still-there is a lot of stuff.  We are enlisting the help of a removalist this time to help us so that should make things a LOT easier!  

Our Trip

We fly to Sydney on September 11th (hopefully not a bad omen!) and then head on to LA (via New Zealand).  We are excited to get to hang out with Colette, Heidi and Dave for a few days and then hopefully down to San Diego to see Megan and Ryan!!

Then it's weddin time!!  We will be flying over to DC for the festivities!!  My family hasn't been all together in 2 years so I am SO excited to see everybody and meet my new little nephy ELI!!

But Look how much he has grown already!! :(

After the wedding, and some site seeing in DC we head to Edmonton for a quick trip back to the ol stompin grounds.  I'm so stoked to see old friends and some family for a few days!  Then Chris and I split up as he goes back to Sydney a bit early and I head to Sad Diego for the last little bit of the trip.  I head to kick it with the Idaho crew and I hope another stop off to see Megs before I fly back to Sydney.  

Some of our good friends get married in Sydney the weekend we get it is a CRAAAAZY couple of weeks but EXCITING all at the same time!!  Let's just hope I get my house cleaned before we go!

OH yeah, also another little family announcement:


We are SO SO excited, and cannot wait to see the little princess.  It will also be fun to see Heidi, and Baby Steeny from "the outside comfort of your belly shell" as Colette says. hahaha.