Saturday, June 26, 2010

And So It Begins-

I have been reading a few blogs lately, and always enjoy a good catch up and a chuckle. I have often wondered if I should start up a blog of my own, and to be completely honest...I wanna hop on the bandwagon. but quickly realize three main points: 1. I am not entirely sure if my stories are funny in plain writing, or that if publishing the nutty internal dialogue that goes on upstairs is such a good idea. I also don't have any pets or children to spruce up the content if need be. 2. For anyone who has a sister who writes like mine, you'd be shamed into a corner too ( 3. For the life of me, I can never think of a good title. Everybody's got a witty play on words, cute-borderline cheezy pun, or something totally deep that I would want to use (Live, Love, Laugh I'm sure has already been taken). I should see if "The Adventures of A Measley-Beek" is still available... Despite my ever growing road blocks, desire for self-preservation, and a potential major lack of material (which in turn might lead to my discussion about the change in paperclip shape at work)...I'm doin it. Ladies and gentlemen, the can of worms has been opened (speak now or forever hold your peace).