Monday, December 20, 2010

Chicken Casserole

SO many people I know are pregnant at the moment.  I must be at that age...and I know you are all saying or thinking "take the hint, hop to it!" but you'll just have to sit and wait a little more patiently. :) Because of this I decided to omit a real title, as I don't want people to jump to all kinds of crazy conclusions.  Sorry to disappoint on another front as well, because no, I do not have a recipe for chicken casserole either.  Come on people, you know I suck at cooking!

One of the most exciting future additions on the way has already affectionately been named "baby steeney", and is hopefully going to make HER debut around December 29th.  That is, unless she decides to torture my sister and keep the lady in waiting.  It is Heidi and Dave Steenhoek's first baby and we are all thrilled for them, as well as finally having a girl to add to our family.  Ahem, extended family.  hahahah.

Living far away, it is always exciting to get to see the progressive pictures of the growing belly.  It validates that it is really happening, and I also think that a pregnant woman is beautiful.  Because of this, I have been prompting my sister to get some belly shots out to us (as our family is scattered across the globe).  But for some reason she is reluctant to do so...I was finally excited to get a picture email from her, only to open it and realize that I totally got punk'd.

he's glowing!!

Then It got me thinking, maybe it's because she can't think of a good pose.  I stumbled across this blog, and think it could be really helpful for all the mommies out there to get the creative juices flowing.  It is sure to make you wanna throw up in your mouth, I mean, make your heart melt.  This one takes the cake for me:

dad's in the spirit

On a serious note, my friend Trisha just did an adorable shoot with a girl expecting twins.  How cute is this picture!?!
Anyway, just wanted to give a big shout out congratulations to all the beautiful preggo's in my life!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas in the Summer?!

It's December 1st today and that means that the road to Christmas is officially in full swing.  I am probably going to sound like a grinch for most of this post, so if you are the person that is pulling out Christmas decorations and making gingerbread in the middle of might want to shield your eyes.

The main problem is, it's really hard to get in the Christmas spirit when it's so hot out.  I'm not coming right out and saying that I miss the cold weather, especially when there are Facebook status updates saying that "Edmontonians are enjoying being able to keep their groceries frozen in the backyard, since it's -30!".  However, there seems to be some kind of trigger on your internal clock, that when the weather gets chilly, and the days get's time to ring in the yule tide cheer.   

My friend and I were talking about throwing a Christmas party here, and I suggested the usual egg nog party, ugly sweater party, etc.  When she kind of crumpled her brow saying "it's too hot for sweaters here".   We were going to try and modify it to something else, but "ugly tank top/singlet party" just doesn't have the same ring...or look.  

The second thing to get used to about Australian Christmas is that the Christmas carols are the same  as back home.  I don't particularly love Christmas carols anyway, so I was looking forward to singing about beach bound Santa Clause instead of Frosty the Snowman.  

And lastly, there seems to be a shortage of lights on houses.  Or maybe you just can't see them as well since it stays light longer, but it is only the beginning of the month so I may stand corrected on that one.

Aside from all the superficial things, I think that gift giving should stop when you are about 12.  Mostly because I suck at buying presents, and it stresses me out.  But also because we live in a time when people buy things they want, instead of wait all year to put them on their wish list.  Christmas to me is more about being around family and playing games, and eating until you are sick.  This year however, we're staying put up in Rockhampton, so it looks like we will have to substitute Christmas dinner with the shrimp cocktail.