Tuesday, November 23, 2010

When Tiny Shorts Happen to Good People

I am tired of thinking or writing about buying a house...so I thought I would respond to a comment that Heather made in my last post about what Aussies wear as our alternative to big, baggy sweatpants.  They don't really dress all that sloppy, but one fashion trend that has me boggled is the short shorts...on dudes.  The situation is twofold.  First there are rugby shorts which are really short, and should not be worn off the field...(if ever, sorry Chris!).  And secondly, there are the older gents that roll around in business pants cut off into daisy dukes.  I'm talking a good 6-8 inches of trim, tanned upper-thigh.  I couldn't really get the exact photo that I wanted to exemplify this, but these came pretty close.

At least he's still having a good time.

It's a big hot here for a business jacket, and the loafers are usually substituted with sandals.
This picture is pretty spot on as well.

I think that if all of the specimens trouncing around looked like this, I wouldn't be complaining...

Some funny yet serious material I stumbled across while doing my "research" on google.  As my friend Jordan Mador says "eye-muffs may be necessary" for the following:

Clearly the shorts aren't the only thing that needs to be addressed...
Taking short to a whole new level...I shudder to think what the view is from the front.  Awesome stance btw.
If you got it, flaunt it.
Not even this body can make that look attractive.

Grandpa's wearing such a shocker that no one stops to watch how he's holding little  Annabelle.
In looking through a bunch of pictures online I came across the enlightenment that they are affectionately called "Stubbies" here in Australia.  This guy says it better than I ever could on this site.  My personal favorite is when he is explaining how the shorts started out for construction workers: "Their official nickname is "the little shorts for the big jobs." Well, I don't know if they can hold up to the big jobs, but they sure are little with their 2.75" inseam!"

Behold the Stubbie
I will say that it has a pretty fantastic range of motion.

Anyway, there you have it.  Next time you are planning a trip to my neck of the woods you better be doing your lunges prior to, otherwise you will be sorry.  Oh and don't even get me started on the speedo...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Throwin Down The Roots at 17 Meade.

Well, apparently all I have to do is a bit of complaining...and it gets the negotiating ball rolling!  With a little haggling and a lot of Chris' stubbornness on not budging on the price= WE GOT IT!!!  I will try and tone it down a bit since it is agreed on, but still subject to finance, pest and building inspections...  Cross your talons that everything goes through smoothly for us!

You can check out the humble abode here.  It is a cute, tidy little place and with the Queensland heat, we are really looking forward to having a pool this summer.  Lap swim at the Beasley house!!

N'importe Quoi
  • Thanks to our "flatmates", who have introduced us to Sticky Date Pudding...potentially the tastiest dessert.  Utter deliciousness!
  • I wish girls weren't so self-depreciating
  • I love my nephews and fetal niece
  • Australians DO NOT wear sweatpants.  Well for one it's just too dang hot, but the average sloppy person does not just bum around in a pair of XXL Russell's.  While this is both saddening and disappointing, it does also make everyone look a bit more put together when they are going out in public...

Friday, November 5, 2010

"Our House...In The Middle Of Our Street"

I wish.  We don't have a house at all, but I can only wish.  We have been on the house hunt for a few hard weeks now and it is intense!  This is what I feel like I look at the moment:

Bahahaha, a face only a mother could love.  How hideous.  Don't piss me off...or you might have to see this face again! Consider yourself warned!

Anyway, if you can still seem to concentrate enough to read on...you are a brave soul.

We have been on the house hunt full force since Chris has officially gotten a job with the firefighters up here in Queensland!! YAHOO!!!  He has been wanting to get in for years, so we are thrilled that he has finally been granted a coveted spot in the "fire brigade".  If you are all confused as to why you were given the firemen calendar for Christmas, there's your tip.  Sexy!!

House hunting is interesting up here since EVERYTHING is different.  Not only are the styles of houses different, but I don't quite understand how we are all of the sudden meant to be specialists on what a house is worth, and what mortgage lender, type, quantity, etc we are meant to go with...overnight!  I am an indecisive person when it comes to what type of lettuce to buy at the supermarket for crying out loud-now you're asking me to look at purchasing a HOUSE?!

I am what you call a real estate agents dream.  I don't keep my cards close to my chest, I wear my emotion on my sleeve, and I am what you call an EMOTIONAL buyer.  I have talked myself into NEEDING this last place we have put an offer on.  UH-OH!  Good thing I have a level headed husband who drives a hard bargain so I am going to leave him to it and hope that he hasn't scared the seller into staying put.  I'll be there for moral support, or to put some scare tactics in place if needed...(see picture above).

If the seller ISN'T intimidated by my "manhole-cover" sized nostrils, and my big ugly snout...then we will be continuing our camp-out at the Mapp residence.  Our friends Tania and Darren have graciously allowed us to squat on their property while we are on the hunt.  They are quite eccentric as you can see them here in their everyday apparel, so that keeps things interesting.  Also, Tania is one hell of a cook so we are definitely going to bed with full happy bellies. :)

 Anyway, I'll keep you posted on that front.  Even though it's a bit stressful, it's all a bit exciting at the same time.  Not ENTIRELY sure how secure I am with the idea of "throwin down the roots" but I suppose these gypsies have got to stop the campervan sometime.  Sniff*