Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's in a NAME?

When I was originally dreaming up titles for my blog, I was thinking that I wanted to have a deep and meaningful title.  I would joke around about the compulsion to title them with some ridiculous pun (see each one of my monthly posts!), and wanted to dream up something I thought was funny.  

MEASLEY-BEEK.  What the hell does that mean?  I remember being sad about changing my name when I got married 3 years ago, and tossed up the option of some sort of bastardized hybrid mash up we could both have instead.  A fifty/fifty split, a yin and a yang.  I jokingly came up with M-B, and further screwed around with the idea of the same silly name on my blog.  Well, it STUCK!  People loved it, and it was getting continual laughs when I'd throw it out there as a joke of a suggestion.

Today, once again, a friend reiterated that that is a funny name and would suit my blog.  Her exact words were "it's a comedy blog, the current title just doesn't suit's not YOU".  What a great compliment that at least ONE person finds me funny, besides my sister cousins Becca, Helen or Amy, who pretty much laugh when I sneeze (ok maybe sneezing IS funny if you knew me as a 5 year old...but that is a story for another day...Lindsay Butler!).  

The change over sort of puts the pressure on me to keep things light hearted, and to get my humor across such a one dimensional medium, no?  Oh goes nothing...

Sunday, September 25, 2011


The last 2 countries that I have lived in, Wales and Australia, are crazy about their uniforms.  I thought that it was just for school aged kids, which, let me be clear do NOT look like this:

Not that that is a particularly bad thing, but let's just say, brown and yellow, mid-calved dresses, with socks and chunky black business shoes leave a little to be desired.  On the whole however, I have really come around to accepting and agreeing with the concept behind uniforms.  I mean, I sell health insurance and we have a uniform!

I was in full support however, until I was sent out to get a few 'bits and pieces' for my upcoming nursing clinical in November.

First item on the list: navy or white nursing polo

Not bad.

Second item: navy business pants

Given my size this has proven the most difficult, especially since it is a MUST that they are long pants and not any of the other options ("culottes", skirt).  When you see item #3, this will all makes sense.

Third item: black, lace up, non-slip "school shoes".  Otherwise known as the "Zellers special, all black reffing shoe complete with perspiration holes".  I'm going to call them "character building shoes".

Check out these rippers:

I thought the baby dog's would soften the blow.

These kicks are apparently "all the rage" according to the sales associate, which I find hard to believe, but in any case I guess the translation is 'selling like hotcakes' in the nursing world.  Who knows, maybe I will be "cool".  Plus, they are made of kangaroo leather, which has 4 times the strength of cow hide.  I left the shop with one SWEET pair of shoes AND a fun fact.  What a great day.

As for the nursing shoe, they are a particularly abominable breed of hideous.  When I was scouring the web for any other, potentially less ugly options I stumbled upon these gems.  I guess it could be worse...