Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Husband-He Is A Fine Specimen

Our filing cabinet has a specific folder labeled "newspaper articles".  For two athletes, being in the newspaper is often a luxury of the job that we've been lucky enough to be privvy to.  Although, here's to always hoping the photographer does NOT get that shot of you waling on a ball, while in the background, your face looks like some kind of crazed, cross-eyed lunatic with lemon juice being squeezed in one eye and lips curled back like a wolf ready to attack. 

Because my husband has been finished rugby for a few months, I thought this newspaper shrine might actually die down a little.  I was wrong.  Since he has started with the firefighters, he has had the following articles, including this one on his very first day on the job!  Some people get all the luck:

That's Chris on the right.

At firefigter school (on the left).  At his first fire on his first day (on the right).
front page!!
Love a man in uniform!!


  1. Haha, I love it! He is one dreamy looking firefighter, I expect that he will be making the paper quite a bit because of that, it's one way to get women to buy more newspapers!

  2. He is the kind of firefighter that might tempt you into lighting a small fire and calling for help... Dreamy IS the perfect word... Is that awkward?

  3. Ditto to the above comments! You are a lucky lady, nothing beats a man in uniform ;)

  4. Ditto. He is quite attractive. Maybe the local photographer has a crush.

  5. Hahaha, love this! I think at this rate he will be front cover of the 2013 fireman’s calendar??!! (if they have one of those there)

  6. I think they keep featuring him cause he is pretty darn cute!