Monday, January 30, 2012

Foster Dog

Chris and I have signed up to foster dogs for our local pound/shelter.  We got a call a few days after, and they had a dog for us.  Apparently some douche-bag in our town decided to murder his step-brother on boxing day...and consequently, he was headed to jail.  Because he didn't have anyone else to look after her, she was picked up by the RSPCA.  She was incredibly malnourished, underweight by about 10 lbs, and had 150-200 ticks on her! :(  I can't seem to understand why, when owning a pet is optional, people choose to get one-and then mistreat it.  Breaks my heart.

This little creature is absolutely adorable.  She is placid, and cute and always minds me.  Here are some pictures when we first got her.

Love her profile and the furhawk between the eyes!!!

I think she looks much happier now.  Now to work on that socialisation...and to teach her how to play....

She was spayed this weekend so she is one step closer to adoption.  Apparently there are a lot of interested families.  I will be SAD to see her go, I love her!!! 

Apparently we are getting a 2nd dog here sometime this week...another guy that needs a loving home. :)

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